6 Unique Personalities On The Bubble Bump Pitch

Not everyone behaves in the same way, and this is definitely true for the Bubble Soccer Pitch. We have mainly categorized 6 unique entities that you may find very relevant to your team building experience. These are very interesting types that I believe are there if you are conscious of it. So today let’s see if we can slot you and the people you play with into these unique personality categories. Note that you could just be a 'Normal' player like the majority of us are. ( P.S. I know I am not a Normie)

“Siao On”

In the office, there will be this hyper-enthusiastic individual that cannot seem to be on the same wavelength as others. Everyone is producing their 100% and this guy is at his 120%. Bring this to the Bubble Soccer pitch; he is a hard worker and an inspirational team leader. But whether or not he could inspire his teammates is a whole other issue.

Strategy is Key to Victory Guy

This guy wants to win and like many other deluded souls, believes he/she knows the secrets of the game. He/she will ask for trust to be placed in him/her and eventually, after much persuasion the team will buy into this 'sound strategy’. 3 out of 4 times, the team suffers complete confusion on the pitch. Well, let’s just say drastic tabletop strategies are better off untested. We advise to just have fun, keep it simple and the result will take care of itself.

The Blur Sotong

If you ever hear “OMG AH HUAT, You are my team ah?!” or something like “Which goal I suppose to score ah? I think I helping the wrong side for a while le…” then you have found the blur sotong of your group. I really like these guys; they crack us up while some of us could get all competitive. They make us remember that this is all fun and games and most importantly giving us all a good laugh for ages to come.

"What time is it?"

Let’s face it, there is always a teeny weeny minority that just cannot wait up the clock to tick faster. You could spot them to be relatively inactive/ stationary and clearly more engaged with their phones than the activity or people around him or herself. If sighted, we believe that it would be best to gently nudge them in the right direction. Help the person loosen up and remember why they are here. Get them to be a part of the team, to be involved and play an active role in the gameplay. Don’t worry; we will be there too to help with the hyping up.


There will always be this guy who is clearly stellar in Futsal. You will witness them trying to show off his/her skills first by themselves by juggling the ball or shooting the ball at rocket speed without the bubble etc. But as the saying goes, “the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.” When the Bubble is mounted on though, he/she will try their best to no avail. And maybe we will all laugh when he falls in his bubble and can’t seem to get up. Well, this is a game of bubble bump, no need to bring out the big guns.

The Hulk

While rare, it is indeed true and not an urban legend. From time to time, there will be this quiet person who becomes the biggest thing on the bubble soccer pitch. The individual can be seen to send people left right centre. Maybe it is just the venting mechanism of the individual, channelling the rage into a positive area like Bubble Soccer. Never thought our games are good for your mental health too right?

Why your kids need some Bubble Bump Action Now!

Here at The Fun Empire, we cater to everybody’s needs, even our little cute friends who have no real purchasing power. Lucky for them, we know what they want and we can deliver it to them, so if you are still deciding whether you want a bubble bump session for your kid, then you are in luck because we are going to talk you into it shortly. Just image a kid’s birthday party coupled with a bubble bump session, put yourself in your kid’s shoes. And for you as a parent, we make it easy for you too. You can arrange with us to provide anything that your party may possibly need, convenient huh?

Learning point

Even though it is all just fun and games, there are still valuable lessons to be learned from such an activity. Depending on whose kid we are talking about, some may cry when they are bumped. But fret not, our facilitators are there to encourage and comfort the kids if they do ever cry (rarely). Hopefully, they will learn at the end of the day that when they fall, it is okay to cry, but also remember to get back up because they are still needed.

Our greatest competitor – THE iPad

Let's face it, kids these days are far too addicted to the tech gadgets to the point their eyes are glued to the screen. As attractive as the iPad can be with games like Angry Birds, Kart Rider or Mega jump, we can dare say that those are incomparable to the kick they get out from our bubble bump. We know your struggling to find new things to distract your kids, don’t worry, we got this covered. Just leave them with us, and you can head nearby for a much-needed shopping time.

Safety is our priority too

We want to emphasize the safety elements of our events so that your mind is not left on the pitch with the bubble bump but thinking about whether to go Chanel or Gucci. Our bubbles are absolutely safe and clean for the users so you can rest assured. For more detailed information, head to our main site to check it out. Though a pointer to note, kids are required to be at least 1.2m in order to play the game, so take note about this pointer.

Cute to Watch

And if you choose not to go shopping, the kids enjoying a game of bubble bump can be nice to watch on the sidelines too. Watching adorable kids falling down in a bubble can be pretty cute. Just don’t get too agitated when it is your kid, its part of the game and I am sure the kid is fine.

Study Study Study

Another thing about kids these days is the amount of studying they do. Kids should be out there playing games, not stuck in the room studying all day. But we are in Singapore; education is taken extremely seriously so there is nothing we can do about that. What we can do however is make the most of their break time, to give them the booster when needed for the next round of studying to come. Thus, what is perfect for this role would be a bubble bump session with us. The kids will not only be eagerly thanking our crew, they will be eternally grateful to you parents too.

The Heroes Behind the Bubble Bump Suits

Bubble Bump is an extremely fun game that requires a special piece of equipment, the bubble suit itself. The game’s main element of fun comes about from the strong head-on collision between players in bubble suits. Even the seemingly invincible bubble suits will suffer from wear and tear over the years as clients reap the benefit of fun games in their different functions like birthday parties or team building sessions. And this is where someone has to come in to maintain and ensure the quality of the bubble bump suits. This is very tough work that you can see how so shortly. This is just a brief overview of how bubble suits are fixed.

When playing and there is not a whole lot of time to remedy the situation, the general go-to fix is to plaster a duct tape over the hole. Generally, you would want to fix it properly after the event or use because the duct tape would not hold for long.

Environmental conditions

For starters, the bubble suit has to be in its inflated form so that we can find the hole that is leaking air or the lack thereof (nothing wrong). Just the inflating itself can be deafening for those repairing, it would be advisable to wear earplugs if the sound is too overwhelming. Also, it would be nice if there is an indoor location that is big enough to harbour a few inflated bubble suits but unfortunately, more often than not, the repair team would be working outdoors, possibly under the blazing hot sun. Needless to say, the Sun makes it tough work as it is, so drinking lots of water is mandatory, as well as taking periodic breaks in a sheltered area to cool down after working out for some time. Heat stroke is no laughing matter.

No shit, Sherlock

Fixing the bubble bump suits is by no means rocket science but still there is a mystery to solve, and sometime it could be tricky. In a quiet space, you should be able to hear a hissing sound, and from there figure out where the air is escaping from. Congratulations, you are now the Sherlock of bubble bump. The objective then is to stick a piece of TPU plastic onto the bubble suits. The TPU plastic should not be wider than it has to be, otherwise, it may block the user from seeing while playing. It has to have to have one-inch spare on each side from the hole, the rationale being to seal the hole preventing any leak at all.

Worse than the Haze

Well, there are many types of glue you can use, just ensure it sticks well with plastic. In the video I watched, a glue called HH-66 cement seems to be a good choice, though it might take awhile to stick, the application is easy with a brush. The alternative would be a 3-second glue, though it pretty much dries instantaneously and is applied through a needle-like a tube, which is good for filling gaps but easy to misgauge and spill. Whatever glue used, they should smell like wasabi, and this is not the 50-50 kind where you may be the type to like it, so either get a mask of sorts or for me, I just breathe through my mouth so minimally I do not smell anything. Mask is still much better.

Let's all be friendlier to any bubble bump staff next time, their efforts are not small by any means. Just a simple thank you would suffice.

The Many Ways To Have Fun With Bubble Bump

At the Fun Empire, Bubble Bump is one of our signature games that clients keep coming back for more. So today we will be sharing with you the different modes of Bubble Bump game that we offer and maybe one more prospective game mode if you give it a thumbs up!

Bubble Soccer

I am very sure everyone knows this game so well. This is just street soccer but with a slight twist – participants have to equip on a bubble suit in order to play this game. Soccer is one of the most popular sports that the population partakes in, which makes this game very relevant to our clientele. The confusion on the pitch is hilarious for both players and onlookers as participants miskick the ball, or get rammed from the back by their own teammate. And by making everyone wear the bubble suit, everyone would be on equal footing even though some people could be better at playing soccer. Maybe we should make the goal bigger for you guys?

Bubble Bump Invasion

In this game, players will have to be standing on opposite sides first and make an attempt to occupy themselves a space inside their opponent’s penalty box area. The first team that has all its team members in the opponent’s team penalty box area wins one point. This game forces participants to bump around each other as they push past one another to get to the penalty box on the far end of the pitch. Moreover, it promotes teamwork and cooperation amongst players, as you cannot win if you leave any man behind. You are only as strong as the weakest link here, so players have to protect and help one another. Most importantly, players will have a blast, enjoying their day out at this game.

Bubble Bump Music

What is fun without music? Bubble Bump Music incorporates music with bubble dancing to create the perfect game for all ages! Participants will fight with one another and compete over occupying a space in the hula-hoops in this musical game. It is like musical chairs but with bubbles and hula-hoops. Teams have to work together in order to allow their team members to occupy the central spot. Strategy and division of work are of the essence here. Music and bubbles, what a great day out it would be.

Bubble Royale

This game is currently not inside our TFE repertoire. Teams can play in two different formats, A) Every man for himself or B) In two teams. Participants would all gather inside a wide marked boundary and aim to push each other out of the boundary. As time progresses, the markers marking the boundary will close in until one man or team remains standing. This game would be incredibly messy with many interesting points of action happening at the same time. Attempting to be the last man surviving will be a thrilling experience for all players. If playing amongst kids, perhaps every man for himself would be a really fun option whereas the team format, it can be used for team building activities where team unite against the opposing team.

This list is in no way exhaustive. If you have any fun ways to play bubble bump, do share it with us so that we can share it with everyone!

Bubble Soccer Or Poolball

If you happen to be stuck on an impasse on which team-building activity is suitable for you, I hope after reading this you will have a clearer picture on which to choose. Two very popular games amongst our repertoire now are Bubble Soccer (AKA Bubble Bump) and Pool ball and they share many similarities – Both have many balls and both are extremely fun games for your day out. So let's start weighing the pros versus the even better pros.

1.The Crowd

To understand which game is better you must first understand the crowd you are bringing to these games. While we purport that everyone can play both games as both games have no safety or age restrictions at all, some people may still be wary of playing in the seemingly ‘aggressive’ game of bubble bump or others may not enjoy the slower tempo game of pool ball. Both games are popular with most crowds, but you still have to ensure everyone is okay with the type of game played. Normally, the older generation would be cautious of bubble soccer while the younger ones would shun pool ball for a more wild game of bubble soccer. Get to know your crowd.

2.The Clowning Moments

Bubble Bump offers the fun-filled moments where bubble humans bounce all over the pitch. Moreover, you get the opportunity to send your dumbfounded boss flying because he deserves it for staring into blank space right on the pitch. Whereas for Pool ball your colleagues will probably watch you blindfolded trying to kick the ball, which means you will trip and everyone gets a hearty laugh about it for weeks. I think pool ball offers the laughs better than bubble bump though Bubble soccer still does offer each individual player a fun experience shared together with their teammates. It is a tad different kind of fun, but my preference is for Pool ball on this.

3. Team Building Experience

Pool ball relies on the cooperation of teammates a lot as they work in unison to accomplish the objective of scoring all the pool balls. This builds trust, friendships and communication amongst the team when playing the game. Teammates rely on and talk to one another to do various tasks, sometimes even turning into a silly spectacle for everyone to laugh and start joking around. For Bubble Soccer, it gives players the adrenaline to loosen up, to get so immersed in the game that they no longer remember they are technically in work. It is easier to bond with your teammates when everyone had a fun exciting time getting pumped up together. So this point I will attribute it to Bubble bump because I believe this is a better way to warm up both physically and mentally - to thaw the ice between teammates.

All in all, both games are on a different end of a spectrum for team building activities. As our sales team likes to say, why not have a game of Bubble soccer and then Pool Ball after. The games work best when played one after another, both are fun but of a different kind as illustrated earlier. Besides having a chill event mixed with a gung-ho event is better since most of us have stamina issues. I am in no way underestimating you, bubble bump has a way to make you run more than you think you have to. So next time you have a cohesion, try having it this way!

Play Bubble Soccer like Marouane Fellaini

After reading this, I will be lying if you could dribble like either Ronaldo or Messi because let's face it, even those two probably can’t do it in a bubble suit. Or maybe they can. But what I hope to do here is to help you understand the basics of soccer, to improve your bubble soccer game, so if you think you will be lost on the pitch, this is for you! The FIFA World Cup is starting soon, if you feel the hype for playing soccer, a different kind of soccer, we have the right game for you here.

1.  Every team needs a keeper, even if it is Loris Karius

In Bubble Soccer, someone has to be the keeper otherwise, there is no otherwise. If no one really fancies the role of being the keeper, the team could adopt a rotation plan where everyone takes turns to be the keeper so it is not too boring for any one person. Even if the keeper is not allowed to use his hands, having a sweeper at the baseline would still be almost as effective.

2. Maintain Composure

I get it. it is the same in regular soccer. Most of us get incredibly flustered when the ball reaches us that the first thing we can think of is to kick the ball as far away as possible. And what actually happens is either turning the possession over to the opponents or actually missing the ball and kicking air. Next time before you take a swing at the ball while playing bubble soccer, stop for a second to think first, look for your teammates then slot the dynamite over to them to settle. More often than not, you do not have to make an immediate action. Stop. Think. Then move.

3.Do not be like Ronaldo

No one likes a ball hogger who thinks he can single-handedly take on the entire team. If someone is unmarked, pass. The TFE experience is all about the team, bonding through the power of play. Also if you fall down, get up quickly. Not only does bubble soccer not reward points for drama, your team is 1 man down until you stand back up. You can do this by rolling over on your tummy, and use your knees to help you get up.

4. Create the soccer triangle

Short passes are the way to go. But to facilitate a smooth passing line, players can use the triangle technique. This soccer concept is a fundamental one in soccer passing but also the most important one at the same time. The idea is to always an imaginary triangle with 2 other teammates. I will spare the intricacies, but the bottom line is to be open to getting passes through maintaining the triangle with other players. Whenever you cant go forward, pass the ball back and reset.

5. When all else fails

See the bubble in front of you? You just need to ensure they are of a different colour, once that is out of the way, just ramp away. Actually, even if you cant differentiate the colours, it is fine; just hit everyone along your line of sight. Though make an attempt to Attack only the enemy bubbles. It's like playing Quidditch as the beater, charged with hitting the bludgers. You will be the menace on the pitch wrecking chaos and spreading fear in the hearts of your foes. After all, Bubble soccer is to have fun and this is the best way to spread fun, laughter and joy. Always remember, you are in a bubble, you can be Fellaini, you are no pushover.

The sky is the Limit for Bubble Bump

It is indeed hilarious that the awesome game of Bubble Bump we have today is a product of a joke between two comedians, Henrik Elvestad & Johan on a TV show the ‘Golden Goal’. Bubble Bump has come a far way to rise to prominence. So for today let’s explore the journey of the Bubble Bump game.

Bubble Bump has seen great growth since inception, even being played competitively. In the United States, there are 39 bubble soccer leagues under the National Association of Bubble Soccer. Each of these leagues has 8-12 teams playing regularly. There is even a World Cup for Bubble Soccer, which has included a total of 16 teams from all around the globe, happening in England this year. Bubble Soccer has indeed been a booming game, popular around the globe. Perhaps if you have the hunger to compete for our country, you can represent Singapore to participate in the World Cup for Bubble Soccer, bringing our country’s flag high and rising in a bubble soccer event, a soccer event nonetheless.

The quality of Bubble Bump suits has seen an increase in quality assurance. In the past, the bubble suits loaned out were often of poor quality as there was no one common industry standard being enforced. Today, the Bubble suits are manufactured professionally and designed to be indestructible. So play to your heart’s content, you guys are in safe bubbles. After you see the video below, you will believe me when I said the bubbles are indestructible. Bubble suits capable of taking on a direct confrontation with a raging bull in the rodeo and most importantly to come out completely unscathed. Bubble suits- the modern day armour. I wonder what other safety tests can we set up for the Bubble suit, a car or the Hulk himself?

While it is said in psychology that physical contact helps with feeling more connected with others, playing bubble bump can also help to the same effect. In Bubble Bump, players are enabled to let loose with all their might, to play with their hearts on their bubbles, rendering a fun, yet safe environment to clash in their bubbles. Players can experience moments in which is impossible to come by in the real world, quickly breaking the ice between people who are new to each other. See a new colleague looking dumbfounded on the pitch, bump her into oblivion and everyone has a great time together! Who would have thought a comical game of soccer on a television show has now become a tool for employers to improve office culture and relationships through cohesion and teambuilding activities.

Another extreme Bubble Soccer example is a Guinness world record that was set in 2017 for the largest game of Bubble Soccer with 99 people on the pitch at the same time. That game was as frantic as you can possibly imagine it to be, with 90% of players not even anywhere near the ball at any given time. But still everyone had a good time because Bubble Soccer is more than just the soccer ball; it is about the people and the Bubble Bumping. It was a phenomenal moment for Bubble Soccer to accumulated this much hype and hopefully many more to come.

Top 5 Tips on How to Play Bubble Soccer

New to Bubble Soccer? Or are you a veteran who has played Bubble Soccer often enough to know the tricks of the game? Regardless, here are a few tips from our very own facilitators on how to win your opponents in Bubble Soccer!


Tip 1: Keep yourself low to the ground

It may be tiring and counterintuitive, but keeping yourself low to the ground keeps your centre of gravity as low to the ground as possible to ensure stability. The bubble suit adds to the weight on your shoulders and to make sure you don’t tumble as easily when people bump into you!


Tip 2: Try to land on the bubble

The bubble is the one that cushions you from all your bumps, and you can use it to cushion your fall too! Falling on the bubble reduces the risk of any injury and lets you get back in the game much faster.


Tip 3: Don’t focus on only the soccer ball

Bubble soccer may be soccer, but there’s an added bumping element to the game. Always take note of your opponents going your way and trying to bump you out of your line of movement. You can stop to bump others out of your way first before continuing to try and score the ball.


Tip 4: Get back on your feet ASAP

Every round is only a few minutes, and to win, you need to be on the ball. Try to get back on your feet swiftly if you have been bumped and get back into the game. One trick is to roll to your front and kneel with 1 knee to push yourself up. Although it can be tricky, once you get the hang of it, it’ll be as easy as 1 2 3!


Tip 5: Have a pseudo goalie for your team

There is no fixed goalie for in the team, but it would be good practice to have a pseudo goalie that takes note of the goal often – after all, it’s still soccer. The pseudo goalie would be able to react in time to protect the goal and prevent the opponent from scoring!

Tips for Falling in a Bubble Suit

Falling in a bubble suit, is a skill. You may tumble around in it clumsily, or you might fall in it gracefully. Regardless, you should always fall in a bubble suit properly to ensure your own safety and prevent any injuries.


#1: Don’t fall in the bubble suit

Before getting on with anything, you should always try not to fall in the bubble suit and stay on your feet as much as possible. Although it might be harder to keep yourself standing and brace for impact when someone bumps you, it would definitely be less energy consuming than trying to get back up after tumbling over. Always try to be vigilant, since it’s harder to brace for impact if you are caught off guard!


#2: Always aim to fall on the bubble

When you are wearing a bubble suit, there are straps that attach the bubble suit to your body to prevent you from sliding off. This means that you would not slide off the bubble from the top of the bubble. Falling on your legs would mean a higher chance of injury and it would be harder to stand again.


#3: Get up from the front

Regardless of your ‘end bump’ direction, always try to get back up from the front. It would be easier and more effortless to get up from the front than from the back.


#4: Getting up swiftly

In every match, time is key. Getting up as quickly as possible allows you to get back in the game quickly and continue fighting for your team. There are 2 ways of getting up. One way is to kneel on 1 knee and use it to push yourself up and standing. The alternative method is to tuck your knees in the suit (if you are flexible enough) and roll to your front. Then, use your legs to push yourself up in the direction of movement and start running. This is definitely more efficient in getting back up, but a good balance is needed as the weight of the bubble suit might throw you off a little!


So, there you go! These are the top 4 tips on how to keep yourself safe and get back up whenever you fall in a bubble suit. Bubble Bump is definitely an exciting team building activity as it brings loads of fun and laughter while bonding with your colleagues and friends! Book now!

The Complete Bubble Bump Guide for Corporate Team Building

Are you struggling to find new activities for the next team building session? Not to fret as we have got you covered with our most exciting activity – bubble bump! It is a combination of two contact sports – rugby and soccer – except that it is a lot safer. To those interested in this game, here’s a complete bubble bump guide for team building!

Why play Bubble Bump?

Bubble bump is a popular team building game as it is fun and fulfils the objectives of any team building. It promotes teamwork such as scoring the next goal or knocking down your opponent. Besides, you will also have to strategise with your teammates on how to win the game and this encourages communication between one another.


As we have also mentioned before, bubble bump is actually safer than playing rugby and soccer. Tackling is still encouraged in a game of bubble soccer but safety is still guaranteed as the cushions from the bubble suit will protect you. So save your worries about getting injured and fully focus on the bubble bump game.


Additionally, bubble bump makes for a great substitute to a mundane workout routine. Running around while kicking the ball and trying to score a goal already takes quite a bit of effort. If you end up getting bumped, it takes a lot more energy just to get back up and be in the game. But thankfully, our bubble bump games lasts for only 5 to 10 minutes per round. Yes, do not underestimate the power of this game burning you out. Hence, it is important to pace yourselves to ensure that you can stay longer in the game!


Best locations for Bubble Bump

Futsal Arena @ Yishun

If convenience is what you are after, choose Futsal Arena @ Yishun as your location. The court is a mere 10 minutes walk from the Yishun MRT and just right behind the bus interchange. Those driving by car can also park their vehicle at one of their 30 public parking lots in front of the futsal courts. The area is fully sheltered and equipped with fans in every pitch so great ventilation is guaranteed. There are vending machines for you to hydrate yourselves after a tiring session. You can also freshen up as they have shower facilities and then head over to Northpoint City to grab a meal.


The Cage @ Kallang

Looking for a centralised place? The Cage @ Kallang is the best option for you. Whether rain or shine, bubble bump games still go on as the futsal pitches here are fully sheltered. Each pitch also comes with a huge fan and opened windows that make ventilation great as well. The bonus here is being able to blast your music throughout your team building event. With the futsal pitches having its own place, it is also perfect for those who prefer privacy. There are also shower facilities available at every pitch for you to freshen up before going to Kallang Wave Mall to eat your dinner!


MND @ Tanjong Pagar

We also have another partner venue which is MND @ Tanjong Pagar. In addition to its sheltered location, it is air conditioned too! They also have vending machines for you to quench your thirst after an hour of running around. As with most futsal pitches, this one has shower facilities too! Another plus point of this area is it is a walking distance from the MRT. Hence, you can head over to town to enjoy the nightlife right after the bubble bump games.


Your Own Location

While some people prefer playing at our partner venues, there are others who prefer having it at their own venue. We heard you! Let us know the location and we will bring bubble bump to you. It can be in a school, a basketball court, an open field – you name it.


Best games for Bubble Bump


Bubble Bump Soccer: Put on the bubble suit on and begin kicking the soccer ball. Your aim is to score a goal in your opponent’s goalpost. There are no rules to it – no goalkeeper, no free kick etc. Just ensure you knock your opponents down to buy more time and be in longer possession of the ball. The team with the most number of score wins!


Bubble Bump Invasion: This is like a game of rugby except that there is no ball involved. Each team will have to stand at the rectangular box and run when the whistle blows. The aim is to bump into your opponents and get to their rectangular box with all team members in it. The first team to get all members in their opponent’s rectangular box bags the champion title!


Best packages for Bubble Bump

Duration: minimum 1 hour

Minimum Group Size: 8 – 10 pax (recommended)

Trainers: 2 per equipment set


1 equipment set includes: 10 bubble suits, photography (mobile phone)


Add-ons: Catering, Corporate Gifts, Sound System, Bus Transport


Should you require a custom team building package, get in touch with The Fun Empire now for a free quotation!